Miami On My Mind


I’ve just returned from a long weekend in Miami. Over the last two years, a very stylish gal I met through the on-line world of fashion writing has become one of my dearest friends. By the grace of all kinds of great powers, (including my husband who watched over our little ones for three full days), I was able to get away on a much appreciated girls weekend to celebrate Nic’s upcoming nuptuals. Since I started writing the Queen City Style, I have met some of the most wonderful people and have had some of the most exciting opportunities. I have found a way to turn my passion into more than a hobby. I’ve always loved to write, and since I was a very little girl, I’ve loved fashion. Through these opportunities, such as writing for Charlotte Parent, I’ve realized the love is there because it allows for a means of creative expression. Just as writing does, the art of pairing clothes has long been my first love of creative expression. I put this Weekly Inspiration together prior to our trip to Miami. This was my first time visting the city. I loved everything about it; the warm breezy weather, the aqua blue waters, the fun, the respite all of us mommy’s and daddy’s need, but most of all the opportunity to make new friends and drink in some amazing culture. I did get this for myself while I was there, and I can’t wait to wear it all summer long. Shop the look here, at the bottom of the photo, and I hope you’ll visit every Friday when I share more of what inspires me.  What inspires you?

Thanks so much for reading, Whitley