Make a Super Cute Superhero Costume


You will need:

– 41x60in (102x150cm) satin in each of two colors for the cape, and matching thread
– Pencil and striing
– Fusible web (Bondaweb)
– Compass
– Scraps of satin (or an fabric) for the monogram
– 52in (130cm) ribbon 1in (2.5cm) wide for he cape
– Two colors of felt for the mask and the belt buckle
– 16in (40cm) elastic 1/4in (5mm) wide
– Two 29x3in (74x8cm) strips of satin for the belt buckle
– Small patch of Velcro
– Long-sleeved top and pants or leggings (to complete costume)

costumebook.pngFor patterns and more detailed instructions, pick up the book “Cute and Easy Costumes for Kids: 35 Fun Dressing Up Ideas for Children” by Emma Hardy (CICO Books, July 2010, $19.95), which features 35 ideas for easy-to-make Halloween costumes.

1 Cut out two cape pieces, one from each piece of satin, following step 1 and 2 on page125 (see book reference below). Iron fusible web (Bondaweb) to the back of some scraps of satin that are each at least 11in (28cm) square. On the baking paper, use a compass to draw 9in (23cm) and 7 1/2in (19cm) circles; cut out the circles. Draw a large letter freehand (or transfer it from a computer printout) onto the fusible web backing of another satin scrap. Cut out the letter, peel off the backing paper, and position the letter on the right side of the smaller circle. Iron the letter in place.

2 Place the smaller circle in the middle of the larger circle and iron it on tin the same way. Position the circle in the center of the right side of the outer cape, and iron it in place. Zigzag all around the edges. Complete the cape following steps 3-4 on page 125 (see book reference below).

3 Using pattern piece 25 (see book reference below), cut out an inner and outer mask shape from two colors of felt. Pin the ends of the elastic to the top corners of the mask back. Check the fit on the child, and then stitch. Pin the mask front to the mask back, sandwiching the ends of the elastic between them, and sew all the way around. Also sew around the eye.

4 To make the belt, pin the strips of satin with right sides together and stitch a 3/8in (1cm) seam down the long sides. Turn right side out and press. Turn in the ends by 3/8in (1cm) and machine stitch in place. Sew the two pieces of a Velcro patch to the ends, to the undersides of one and to the top of the other. Cut two 3 1/2in (9cm) circles of felt and cut out a star from a different color using pattern piece 24(see book reference below).  Machine stitch the star onto one of the circles and then sew the two circles together. Hand sew these to one end of the belt, sewing through just the back layer of felt so that the stitches will not show from the front.