Local Moms Share Their Birthday Party Pet Peeves


Recently, we asked our readers about what bugs them at birthday parties. Here’s what they said!

It bugs moms when…

…kids start opening the birthday kid’s presents and the parents don’t say anything. Meghan Buschbacher, Charlotte

…kids blow out the candles before the birthday boy can. Yvonne Chmielowiec, Matthews

…parents drop their small children off, as if it is a daycare. Monika White, Charlotte

…one child goes around wanting whatever another child has and the parents do nothing to stop their child from taking, annoying and bullying the other kids! Brooke Mckee, Charlotte

…parents of the birthday child invite friends that aren’t really close friends just to fill a requirement and get presents. Renee Wilson, Mint Hill

…parents and kids expect a HUGE event. Whatever happened to the good ol’ days when the party was in the yard or the house just playing with the toys and using imagination?! Carrie Valentino, Charlotte

…kids ask for party favors. It is like they expect to get one. Mary Pressley, Concord

…parents feel it is necessary to give goodie bags. The kids don’t need more candy and junk; and do not need to be fed the idea that everyone must go home with something. Amy Holzman, Waxhaw