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Walker, Anne E.- MD

Novant Health Walker Pediatrics, 149 Providence Road, Charlotte, NC 28207
Category: Pediatrics


"Dr. Walker is a caring and loving person. You don’t find people in general anymore that actually give a darn. This lady is old school/new school doc, she mix some of the new with old when it comes to medicine. What I mean by that is, she takes what she learned from her father who was a Dr. as well, things she has learned when she went to school, and the new information and make a plan for your child, specifically for them. Dr. Walker bedside manners is excellent, she need to teach some of these other Doctors a couple of things about manners. Most of all I like how she spends quality time with us, to make us feel cared about. She make us feel like family, even though she is white and we are black! I truly love her, I feel special." – Talathia Mason, Charlotte (2015)

"Doctor Walker is warm, considerate and professional. She takes the time to listen, gets to know her patients and considers all aspects of an illness prior to prescribing or treating an individual. I have three daughters, who have been with Dr. Walker from birth. My oldest being 19 is not happy that the day is approaching when she will leave the practice. Even though she is away at college she still calls Dr. Walker for medical advice or just plain old what should I do talks." – Charmaine Williams (2014)