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Talley, Wendy G.-MD

Growing Up Pediatrics, 8301 Magnolia Estates Drive, Ste. 17, Cornelius, NC 28031
Category: Pediatrics


"I started seeing Dr. Wendy when my son was 18 months old. He is now 15. He had been sick for months, losing weight, congested, snoring loudly & struggling to breathe at night. My old doctor, who came highly recommended, kept telling me it was just a cold, a result of being a "day-care baby". Once we saw Dr. Wendy, she took action – sending us to an allergist & for x-rays. Very quickly we determined he had enlarged adenoids & needed adenoids & tonsils taken out. A few weeks later, after the surgery, he was my healthy baby boy again, getting color back in his face, and eating again. I went on to have 4 more children (including a set of triplets), & Dr. Wendy has always listened to my "mom gut feeling". She has never belittled me, but is also quick to put me at ease if there is nothing to worry about. She has always been patient and kind to all of my children, and to me. Most of their staff has been there for years, and I have great relationships with all of them. They are accommodating, & it’s easy to get seen. So happy I made the move to Growing Up Pediatrics when I did!" – Sonia Szymura, Charlotte (2015)