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Semple, Roxanne D.-MD

Carolinas Healthcare South Lake Pediatrics, 9908 Couloak Drive, Ste. 103, Charlotte, NC 28216
Category: Pediatrics


"Dr. Semple drops everything and gives me and my daughter attention. She is extremely knowledgeable and very accepting of more natural remedies before prescribing medication. She does a great job of calming this high-strung first-time mommy when I have a concern. Her practice is extremely supportive of breastfeeding and they are all trained in breastfeeding issues. There is also a lactation consultant on staff and a nursing room off the main waiting room. If a nurse has left a message for her from me, she will call me back, even if she is unable to get to it until after hours. The practice is also open on Saturday mornings, but luckily I have not needed to take advantage of that!" – Melissa Mascari, Harrisburg (2015

"Dr. Semple is extremely knowledgeable. She is patient and takes time to answer all questions. She treats children with respect and includes them in their care. Dr. Semple continually educates her patients and their parents. We could not ask for a better pediatrician. The practice is also responsive with kind and helpful nurses and staff." – Michelle Anderson, Charlotte (2015)

"Dr. Semple has been my son’s doctor for the last eight years. She is one of the most caring people that I have ever met. She has a calm demeanor and makes children (and nervous parents) feel at ease. She gets to know her patients and their families. We call her "Auntie Dr. Semple". My son has had some medical issues over the years that weren’t exactly run-of-the-mill illnesses. Dr. Semple is so knowledgable, and she tries different treatment options. When my son was a baby, he had a serious intestinal issue. We went to see Dr. Semple, and she wasted no time sending him for more tests. It resulted in emergency surgery…surrgery that may not have been done in time if we’d gone to a different doctor who written it off as something like reflux. I recommend Dr. Semple to everyone." – Rebecca Olliff, Charlotte (2015)

"Great bedside manner. Remembers personal details about her patients. Easy to get appointments." – Caryn Thompson, Mount Holly (2015)

"Prompt care, SATURDAY hours, located in Charlotte and Huntersville, kind and polite. Dr Semple is the only person my toddler will leave my arms for. She’s genuine and caring. She remembers info about both my kids although she’s such a popular doctor. We Love her!!! Patients for years!" Nancy Williams, Charlotte (2015)

"She is so caring and attentive to children. She patiently answers all questions from kids and parents. We have complete confidence in her. My daughter likes that she is ‘funny’" – Michelle Anderson (2014)