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Hartman, Meggan–PhD

Category: Other Specialty, Wellness Professionals


“Dr. Meggan Hartman is wonderful and extremely proficient at her job. She takes the time to truly listen to her clients and develop plans that will work to alter sleep and make the family dynamic run more smoothly.” – Jill Vande Woude, Charlotte (2015)

“Meggan is an excellent sleep consultant who serves the Charlotte and Asheville areas. She provides classes in Charlotte, as well as Skype and in-home consultations. She helped our baby sleep through the night after only one consult. I would highly recommend her to other parents in Charlotte.” – Lindsay Hyatt, Charlotte (2015)

“Meggan helped us come up with a plan to help our infant son sleep. She was extremely responsive and provided advice tailored to our lives and son.”– Betsy Bodien, Charlotte (2015)

“Dr. Hartman is incredibly knowledgeable yet down-to-earth. She is a good listener and patient, even with sleep deprived parents as clients. She is very reassuring and looks at the whole picture instead of just one issue.”– Jacy Shaffer, Charlotte (2015)