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Coleman, Grant G.-DDS

Hull & Coleman Orthodontics, 7800 Providence Road, Ste. 201, Charlotte, NC 28226
Category: Dentistry/Orthodontics


"My daughter and I met with 4 different orthodontists before we chose who to go with. Dr. Coleman was our 4th visit and once we met him we knew he was the one. Both my daughters needed braces and he was just awesome. He discussed the game plan for treatment, and how long it would take if they did what they were supposed to as far as wearing rubber bands. He is super knowledgeable, really friendly, and had us cracking up in the office. Which was great because neither of my girls were too excited that they had to get braces. One of my daughters has stranger anxiety and is usually really uncomfortable around doctor’s until she has gotten to know them over time. Dr. Coleman and his staff has been nothing but patient and are extremely kind. The office staff is great too. They always seem to be super friendly and always try to accommodate when they can. They also fully explained the finance options and were up front about everything. My one daughter has been seeing them for a little over a year and the other not quite a year. I have seen drastic improvements with their bite and their teeth. They have locations in the arboretum and also over in Wesley Chapel. The office is really nice and clean. It’s really a great place, but even more he is really a great orthodontist and a great guy." – Stephanie Bohling, Stallings (2015)