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Covenant Day School

800 Fullwood Lane, NC 28105
Phone Number: 704-847-2385
Category: Academic, Arts, Day Camps, Drama, Food, Music, Specialty, Sports, Traditional
Program Type: Full-Day Camp, Half-Day Camp
Ages: 11-14,15-,3-6,7-10

JOIN US FOR OUR SUMMER CAMP ADVENTURES! The CDS summer camp program is designed to inspire, challenge, and equip our students, neighbors, and community with a variety of hands-on learning, playing, and creating opportunities that seize summer’s invitation for fun and exploration. Led by a passionate team of CDS faculty and staff, our summer camp leaders are committed to nurturing students in the love of God and formation of Christian character. Join in the fun this summer as CDS campers build, run, shoot, kick, experiment, act, sing, dance, write, swing, score, cheer, design, and create. These types of camp adventures await you at CDS: Day Camp (full and half-day options) STEM & Engineering, Art, Auto, CPR & Babysitting Training, Personal Finance & Budgeting Basics, Entrepreneurship, Sports, Nerf, Trick Shots, X-treme Fun, Theater, College Admissions, Field Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Cheerleading and more! See you at camp!