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Club SciKidz Charlotte North

Lakeside Charter Academy, 17609 Old Statesville Road, Cornelius, NC 28031
Phone Number: 704-763-8813
Category: Academic
Program Type: Half-Day Camp, Full-Day Camp
Ages: Ages 4-15
Fees: Full Day $310-$395; Half Day $235-$245

Club SciKidz is the best place under the sun for extraordinary summers! Club SciKidz provides exciting, challenging, and life impacting academic enrichment experiences. Our company is committed to demonstrating how science works in the real world by providing activities in veterinary medicine, robotics, forensics, video game creation, food science, paleontology, engineering, chemistry and biology, astronomy, oceanography, emergency medicine, and special effects.


The Club SciKidz unique science programs are designed to meet the needs of children ages 4-15. Carefully researched science lessons help engage students in observation, measurement, identification of properties, and experimentation involving life, earth, and physical science concepts. Each unit is rigorously researched by science educators with the help of teachers and children resulting in educational lessons that students enjoy.