Kids Report from High Point Market

Every April and October interior designers and furniture store buyers from all over the world trek to the International Home Funishings Market in High Point, North Carolina to see what furniture manufacturers are coming out with that is new and different. We learn about what trends are on the way out, and what great new things are coming in. While there is nothing new about a full over full bunk bed with stairs that are drawers, this set is different.

Instead of the bottom stair being a stationary drawer, it rolls completely our from under the staircase to be utilized as a toy box. Now THAT is new and different and a brilliant idea!

bunk bed, storage, kids room, toy box

Another smart addition to a bunk bed is incorporating an armoire onto the end. The battle between children and their parents about keeping their rooms clean has raged on for years. The key to taming the mess is providing your kids with lots of storage options, and this bunk bed offers plenty.

bunk bed storage, armoire

Anyone with daughters knows first hand how cluttered their dresser tops can be with their necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. This desk and vanity combo piece alleviates that issue by providing hidden jewelry storage behind the mirror. All you have to do is get your daughter in the habit of using it!

desk, vanity, jewelry storage, kids room

Finally, the most noticable trend I saw in the children's furniture departments was the level of sophistication. The girls' rooms were so elegant and refined. Many of the furniture pieces were gilded in silver and featured a wealth of shine from studs, mirrors, and jewels. Kids seem to grow up so quickly these days, and the furniture I saw at market reinforced that observation.

kids room, girls room, kids furniture

What do you think of the new releases from High Point Market? What other features would you like to see added to kids furniture? Please share your comments below.