Land of Oz Announces Autumn at Oz Dates

Land of Oz, the tourist attraction on Beech Mountain that recreates the beloved Wizard of Oz backdrop, has announced dates for its Autumn at Oz events. 

The theme park, built in the 1970s, closed for a time but public interest compelled owners to reopen during specific portions of the year. In 2021, private tours were available June 18-August 1, Fridays through Sundays, before quickly selling out. However, the fall celebration, Autumn at Oz goes on sale on June 30 at 5 p.m. Held over three weekends, Autumn at Oz runs Sept. 10-12, Sept. 17-19, and Sept. 24-26.

Organizers describe Autumn at Oz as “a three-weekend event in which you travel down the Yellow Brick Road at your own leisure. Here you will meet all your favorite characters from the classic film where you will have photo opportunities with everyone from Dorothy and Aunt Em in Kansas to the Lion in his forest, the Munchkins, Flying Monkeys at the Witch’s Castle, and Toto, too! Be sure to catch our character shows throughout the park in Kansas and along the Yellow Brick Road; a full-scale experience including a journey’s end in the magical Emerald City.” Fans are encouraged to dress up.

Tickets will be available at Land of Oz’s website, found here.