How to Make 'Boxtumes' Out of Amazon Prime Packages

"Lucky Seven" by blogger Sugar Bee Crafts.

It’s getting to be that time of the year when the Amazon Prime boxes pile up. They don’t all have to go straight to the recycling bin, though. One new trend for crafty parents is the “boxtume,” a costume that makes clever use of those familiar cardboard vessels. DIY expert Crafty Chica offers a few tips on making the most out of them, including looking around town to "to recreate the perfect local landmark, latest gadget or even school mascot."

Other than the box itself, she suggests a cache of supplies, consisting of craft paper, felt, ribbon, markers, paint, duct tape and more. Once you’re done with your creation, share it on social media with the #boxtumes and #morethanabox hashtags. (You can also check existing posts with those tags for ideas.) Below, see how a few bloggers have already used the idea for fun and spooky creations. (The idea at the top of this page comes from Sugar Bee Crafts.)

Crafty Chica

Tatertots & Jello

100 Directions

Lovebugs & Postcards