House Shopping? Consider Buying New

Sponsored by Millbridge. With a new home, you'll avoid the much-needed repairs and updates that come with an aging home.

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House Shopping? Consider Buying New 

MillBridge Homebuilders Show You the Perks of Buying New vs. Resale

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As a parent of young children, you have plenty to worry about with helping with homework, putting dinner on the table and getting everyone where they need to go. The last thing you need to be concerned with is an aging home full of much needed repairs and updates. We spoke with homebuilders from MillBridge, North Carolina Homebuilder’s Association’s Community of the Year located in Waxhaw, about the benefits to your family when buying new.

Won’t buying new cost more?

Not necessarily.  “Homebuyers can save money on their utility bills on a new home versus a ‘used’ home – this can most times make up the difference in sales price, evening the playing field,” says Doug Bevington of D.R. Horton. “If all things were equal – total monthly budget including monthly payment and utilities – and you could buy a new home for the same monthly budget as a used home, the educated buyer would choose new 100 percent of the time.”

“A new home is even easy to finance; you’ll save thousands over buying a used home,” adds Stacie Tinucci of M/I Homes.

New homes are designed for present day

As technology and efficiencies advance, so do the way new homes are built and the features they are built with. “With a new home you will have the opportunity to make it yours from the very beginning while we guide you through the entire process,” says Cheryl Pierce of Lennar. “Additionally, we offer the world’s first Wi-Fi certified home design. You can’t find that when buying used.”

While many older homes have personality, do they have your personality?

When you purchase a new home, you are given the opportunity to put your own personality in it from the start, instead of moving into someone else’s. “Our homes feature an array of designer features and structural options to truly make your new home yours while experiencing the lifestyle and amazing amenities of the MillBridge community,” says Jon Cherry of Pulte Homes.

Imagine being able to pick the color of your cabinets and countertops up front, and enjoying them from the first day you move in, no renovations needed.

Wish list: peace of mind

A new home should be safe and comfortable for all members of your family. “Along with personalizing their home, [homeowners] get perks such as a builder warranty, an energy star certification for comfort of living, a built-in clean air filtration system and so much more,” says Stacey Delozier of Bonterra Builders. Your family and their lifestyle are at the top of mind for new homebuilders. “Plus, everything is new and built to code! Nothing is dingy, old or broken,” says Stacie Tinucci of M/I Homes.

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