House of Leng

House of Leng, located in the Mallard Crossing plaza at the corner of Mallard Creek Road and Mallard Creek Church Road, is easy to overlook. Tucked down at one end, past the Harris Teeter, House of Leng has an understated entrance. Don’t let that fool you. This family-owned restaurant serves up consistently good food with flavors that pop.

The atmosphere is upscale urban, with wooden geometric art panels and a reservations podium made with ceramic mosaic tile. The service is attentive and quick, the menu offers a broad range of choices, and the food is fresh and hot.

We ordered the Hunan Beef, Chicken with Broccoli, Sa Cha Chicken, Shrimp Fried Rice and Sesame Beef, along with egg rolls, spring rolls and wonton soup. For starters, the egg rolls were crunchy and hot, with plenty of shredded cabbage and bits of shrimp. The spring rolls were wrapped in paper-thin pastry and fried just right so that the wrapper crumbles when you bite into it. Leng’s wonton soup had a good chicken broth, with two plump stuffed dumplings.

The Hunan Beef came with fresh vegetables, and the Chicken with Broccoli had a velvety texture, with broccoli that was bright green, tender-crisp and cooked just right. Both the Hunan Beef and the Sa Cha Chicken came with somewhat spicy sauces, but a word to the server can tone that down or fire it up. The Shrimp Fried Rice was a very ample portion, with fresh onion, bits of egg and lots of shrimp. The Sesame Beef had battered and fried beef strips in an orange-flavored, slightly sweet sauce with a bit of a bite. All entrees came with steamed rice, served family style, and refills on rice are available.

If you come at peak time and have to wait, Leng’s offers indoor and as well as outdoor patio seating, plus a full bar. Unless you come very hungry, plan to take home enough for a second meal from the dinner entrees.

The Chow Down

Dollar Deal: Egg/spring rolls, $1.50. Soups, $1.50-$2.99. Lunch entrees (egg roll & rice included) $5.29-$6.99. Dinner entrees $8.99-$14.59
Kid-Friendly: Yes
Especially for the little ones: Enjoy the free crunchy noodles and sweet duck sauce dip while you wait.
To avoid a wait: Consider take-out, or come before or after rush hour.
Noise level: Conversational
Kiddie Fare: Portions are big enough to share
Anything healthy on the kiddies’ menu?: No kids’ menu
Bathroom amenities: Very clean
High chair/booster cleanliness: Clean
Got milk/juice: No
Address: 2712 W. Mallard Creek Church Road, Charlotte
Phone: (704) 510-5081