Hometown Pride in London

Olympics 315

The world is abuzz about the 2012 Summer Olympics that start July 27. The Olympics are a celebration of the athleticism, determination and drive of top performers around the world. It’s a great opportunity to introduce the kids to the history and culture of other nations, as well as a bonding experience for families to watch and cheer on Team USA together.

While you’re cheering America’s favorites, be sure to tune in and cheer on Olympic competitors from the Charlotte-area, including canoe and kayak teammates Caroline Queen, Casey Eichfeld and Eric Hurd; swimmers Ricky Berens, Cullen Jones and Nick Thoman; triathlete Hunter Kemper; and wrestler Dremiel Byers.

Though it’s great to see athletes from all over the world, it’s inspiring for kids to see that others who live and train close to home have succeeded in making it to the big games.

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