Healthy Halloween Sweets

Healthy Halloween treats that are yummy and fun without the sugar overload!

Ah Halloween, the night for kids and adults to dress up in costumes and run around the neighborhood getting buckets of free candy.  Halloween is the dream holiday for every sweet tooth and a nightmare for some parents.  Negotiating with children (or rationalizing with yourself) about how much candy to eat in one sitting can be brutal with so many yummy candies of every variety spread wide on the kitchen table.  Oy vey, decisions – many, many decisions!  What is a parent to do in order to regulate the amount of sugar consumed?

One way to tackle the too much sugar problem is to provide a creative yet healthy alternative.  When you’re up against the mighty Hershey Bar minis or the fun size Milky Way bars, you need something to present that isn’t a bland plate of Brussels sprouts.  You have to up your game.

Try Party Pumpkins or Boo Bananas.  These treats combine fruit with a touch of candy that is strategically placed so the nutrition bargaining is a bit easier.

These are simple to make.

For the Party Pumpkins, peel a tangerine or clementine and make a small notch in the top (if the core doesn’t come out during the peeling process).  Place a green or brown M&M candy in the notch at the top for the stem.  Oranges are fun to eat and packed with Vitamin C. 

The Boo Bananas are simple also.  Cut one banana in half.  Then slice the halves in half.  Place the flat sides onto a plate and press three chocolate chips (flat side up) into the banana as the two eyes and one mouth into the pointed end of the slices. 

Happy Halloween!