Halloween Candle Holders

Halloweencandles 315

These spooky candle holders are great addition to Halloween décor, and fun for all to make in anticipation of Halloween parties!


Tissue paper or crepe paper streamers in white (ghost), orange (pumpkin) or green (monster)
Black construction paper, fun foam or felt for face details
Mod Podge, or white school glue and water
Small-medium jars (baby food or Mason jars work well)
Sponge brush


1. Cut or tear tissue paper/streamers into small pieces (1-2 inches).

2. If using glue instead of Mod Podge, mix a small amount of glue with water in a cup or bowl.

3. Cover work surface with several layers of newspaper. Then, using the sponge brush coat outside of jar with glue mixture. Place tissue/crepe paper in overlapping pattern within small sections. Continue alternating tissue and glue mixture until jar is covered. Carefully apply a final coat of glue mixture over all and wait for jar to dry. (It is important to dab gently so you don’t tear or wipe the paper away.)

4. Using the black paper, foam or felt, create faces for your pumpkin, ghost or monster. Once the jars are thoroughly dry, glue on your features.

5.  Add a tea light – electric ones work well – and you are ready for Halloween!

Renee Canada is the art director at Piedmont Parent.