Ghostly Windsocks

Ghostlywindsocks 315


White paper (18 inches by 12 inches)
Markers or crayons
White crepe paper
Hole punch


1. Give each child a piece of white paper about 18 inches across and about 12 inches long. In the middle of the paper, have the children draw a ghostly pair of eyes and a mouth with crayons or markers.

2. On another piece of white paper trace each child’s hands, including about 2 inches of wrist on each hand. Have the children cut these out.

3. On either side of their ghost faces, have the children attach their two hands, gluing only on the wrist parts so that the hands stick out.

4. Turn the ghost over and on the reverse side glue about 6 crepe paper streamers hanging down from the bottom edge of the white paper.

5. Punch two holes near the top edge of the ghost and about 5 inches in from the sides. (You may want to reinforce these two holes with tape.) Now staple the two sides of the ghost together, overlapping slightly, forming a cylindrical wind sock. Tie a piece of string (at least 24 inches long) with one end in each hole.

6. The children can hang their ghostly wind socks outside their homes as a welcome to any Samhain visitors who may stop by!

Courtesy of Kids Celebrate! by Maria Bonfanti Esche and Clare Bonfanti Braham.