Fire Safety Tips


October is Fire Prevention Month. Make a fire escape plan with your family and do a run-through so that everyone knows how to react.
It’s also a good time to go over fire safety rules and the dangers of playing with fire. Review fire safety in your home and know where matches and lighters kept, out of reach of little hands.

Recently, a child in Charlotte was playing with matches on a bed which sparked a fire that did thirty-five thousand dollars worth of damage. Although no one was seriously injured, the fire displaced three families. It is imperative that our children know the dangers of fire as well as safety measures to take if a fire occurs.

Follow these five fire safety tips:

1. Make sure your home has smoke detectors.

2. Change your smoke detector’s batteries in the Fall and Spring.

3. Every house should have one or more fire extinguishers.

4. Remind mom and dad to wear long sleeves when they cook and always have a lid ready to cover the pots.

5. If your clothes catch fire remember to stop, drop and roll!