Engage Young Minds with Q4KIDZ

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Getting children to tell you about their day isn’t easy. Q4KIDZ is hoping to open up the dialogue between parents and children by sending daily conversation starters.

The initiative, lead by nonprofit ParentsTogether, aims to spark discussion by providing parents with a curious question via email or text. The questions serve as a starting point for getting children to creatively think and converse about something outside of the day-to-day routine. With questions like “If you woke up tomorrow and could have any job, what would it be?” Or “If you could give one superpower to someone in your family, what would it be?” awkward short answers and moments of silence at the dinner table or in the car may just be replaced with silly giggles and lively chatter.

I signed up, and have been asking my 6-year-old son and his buddies these questions. Absolutely loving some of the answers I’m getting. Yesterday’s question was: “If you could create a brand new sport, what would you call it, what kind of equipment would you use, and what would the rules be? Answer: Pillow soccer (combo pillow fight and soccer). These questions can serve as great road-trip conversation starters too, and I imagine would be really funny if you have siblings bantering about it in the backseat.

Sign up at Q4KIDZ.org, then choose what time you’d like to receive your daily question.