Easy Chocolate Valentine's Pops

Create a simple and "lovely" twist on the chocolate covered strawberry - just in time for Valentine's Day!

Everyone loves chocolate and everyone loves strawberries.  This makes it easy to show a little extra love this Valentine’s Day.  You can create a twist on the standard chocolate dipped strawberries in no time (not that anything is wrong with regular chocolate dipped strawberries).  Heart shaped chocolate pops are actually easier to make than dipping the entire berry – and nothing says I love you more than chocolate and strawberries together in a pop!

You'll need strawberries, chocolate chips, and kabob skewers.  

Cut a strawberry in half and spear the two halves onto a kabob skewer.  The two halves make a heart shape.  Melt the chocolate and dip the pop as you would a regular strawberry.  It's that easy.

Allow the pops to set and harden on wax or parchment paper.  Placing the pops in the refrigerator accelerates the hardening process.  They're best left to set overnight.

Happy Valentine's Day!