Do YOU Make These Manner Mistakes?

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Please tell me you don’t! I am really beginning to wonder if some people just don’t know better, or if they just don’t care.

In the last week, I’ve experienced these 3 manner mistakes and I’m getting annoyed.  Please let me know what bad manners bug you, and I’ll share those in my next blog.

#1 – Using the Restaurant as Your Living Room.

Gory Details:

If you look at this picture to the left very carefully, you’ll see that it’s of an iPad set up on the table in the restaurant like a TV. What you can’t hear is how LOUD the volume was! This kid’s movie was so loud that I had to literally yell across the table to talk to my family. The mom at the other table was texting away completely oblivious to the fact that everyone in the restaurant was giving her killer looks.  I finally politely asked her to turn the sound down and do you know what she said? She said “But my son is watching a movie!” If she only knew she’d end up in my blog as offense #1.

Learning Moment:

Be respectful of those around you when in a public place like a restaurant, school, bus, grocery store, etc. Keep your cell conversations quiet, your sound down low, and don’t text/talk while at the cash register and others are waiting for you!

#2 – Responding to My Call Days Later and Via Facebook

Gory Details:

I want to hire this woman to help me with somehting and I called her, twice, and asked her to call me back. After four days she sent me a Facebook message saying that she got my message and that I should call her back. Really? First, I hardly ever look on Facebook so why is she assuming that I would check those messages? Why was she too lazy to call me instead? Why is she asking me to call her? The message that she is sending me is that she really doesn’t want my business!

Learning Moment:

Not returning someone’s email, call, or even text within 24 hours is just not professional or nice. If it’s for business then it’s extra important that you get back to someone within a day. Also try to communicate with the person in the manner they have asked you to and not just what is easier for you.

#3 – Not Being Happy for Other’s Successes

Gory Details:

I won’t go into the story behind this one because it would give away too much, but I will say that it really says a lot about a person’s character if they can’t be happy when something good happens to someone else, or their children.

Learning Moment:

Try to be happy when your friend gets a promotion, or her daughter wins an award, or she buys a new car. Life is not a competition unless you make it one. Being happy for others is a true sign of friendship and will make you a better person.

Please send me your manner pet peeves and I will share them (no names) in next week’s blog. I can be reached by leaving a comment here or by emailing me at

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