Do Football and Kids Mix?

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I love being a dad. I love my two beautiful children, Sage, 3; and Brayden, 9 months. I also love football. So here’s the thing. I’d love for someone to show me how to mix being a dad and a football fan.

Last year before Brayden was born, there were times I could not concentrate on the games I wanted to watch. (If my wife Charisse is reading this, um, dear, I need to check out the games because I’m a sportscaster and this is actually my job. If she’s not reading this, then never mind). For example, I would be dialed into Clemson against UNC, and Sage would be dialed into sending my shoes flying across the room into a can of soda. So I would literally take a TV timeout to clean up the mess.

Now I have another child in the mix and I’m wondering how to avoid double trouble (and no, I’m not talking about Panther Running Backs DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart). Maybe I can do what the NFL did, and negotiate. If the owners and players can find neutral ground and labor peace, then my children and I should be able to do the same.

Maybe I’ll bring down all their toys and put them all over the floor so they can go from game to game. Then again, many of their games are electronic, so all the noises will not only be competing with each other, but with the TV set as well. Never mind the fact the living room would be a mess. All right, scratch that idea.

Maybe I can go outside with the kids., but then I’d miss the game, and that’s the whole point of this. I know, I’ll go outside with them real early, like at 9 a.m., and run them around. I could teach them football plays. I’ll show them what the Panthers plan on running against the Cardinals, or Packers or Jaguars. I can teach Brayden about the zone blitz, and show Sage how to run the halfback option pass. Hmmm, I’m probably going to need a few more children to really make this work, if I can keep their attention.  Plus next month will be chillier – football is a cold-weather sport after all. There’s also this morning thing called breakfast. Yikes, I’m starting to see why the NFL lockout lasted so long.

So how did the NFL make labor peace? Both sides gave in a little. That’s what I’ll do. I’ll watch the games, but I’ll do it with both kids on my lap. We can watch the games and have quality family time at the same time … for about three minutes. Oh well, guess I’ll call an audible and admit that three minutes of football with my kids is better than no football at all. I better get going, my three minutes are ticking away.

Bruce Snyder is the sports director at Fox Charlotte. He lives in Charlotte with his wife, Charisse, daughter; Sage, and son, Brayden.