Crafts for Kids: Recycled Egg Carton Springtime Basket

Recycleeggcartonbasket 315

This springtime basket is perfect for little ones gathering colorful Easter eggs and or for a special springtime party.

Materials and Supplies:
Recycled cardboard egg cartons
Spray paint
Wire (electrical works great)
Ribbon pieces
Paper grass
Tacky glue
Hole puncher

Cut the lid and side piece from the egg carton and spray paint it. Two coats will make it brighter and shinier.

Cut a 24-inch piece of wire. Add buttons to the wire every 2 inches or so by threading the wire through the holes and twisting it around.

Punch a hole in each end of the carton and thread your wire ends through, twisting them to secure a handle.

Tie 6-inch pieces of ribbon onto the handle into double knots. You can double a few sections up to create a thicker and fuller look.

Eggcellent! Add paper grass in each hole if you like that addition. If you want it to stay secure, put a little tacky glue in each hole first, then let it dry for a few hours before using the basket.

Laura Kelly is a North Carolina artist and creator of Laura Kelly Designs. Find more of her crafts at

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