Crafts for Kids: Glow Bugs

Glowbugs2 315

This is a fun summer craft that uses inexpensive or recycled materials.


Plastic Easter egg
Pipe cleaners
Wiggle eyes
Electric tea light candle
1.5-inch-wide ribbon
Scissors (wire edge works best)
Thumb tack
Craft glue
Sharpie Tweezers (optional)


1. Use thumb-tack to push three holes down two sides of large portion of plastic egg for pipe cleaner legs. Then use tack to create two more holes on top of the small side of egg for antennae. Finally, use tack to make one more hole on top center of egg for wings.

2. For the legs, cut pipe cleaner into six equal pieces around 3 to 3.5 inches each. Insert into the holes and use tweezers to pull from inside if necessary. Pull through about a quarter inch and bend each inside to keep in place. Then shape pipe cleaners to resemble legs.

3. To make the antennae, insert 4-inch pipe cleaners into the two holes on top of egg and bend inside to keep in place. Once inserted, wrap pipe cleaner around a pen or your finger to curl ends.

4. For wings, cut piece of ribbon about 12 inches long and form a loop. Pinch in the middle to form bow tie, wrap with small piece of pipe cleaner and twist tightly, leaving about a half inch for wing attachment. Insert into wing hole and bend inside to secure in place.

5. Use craft glue to attach wiggle eyes, and then use Sharpie to draw a smile.

6. Now that your bug is complete, it’s ready to glow! Insert the electric tea light into the large portion of egg with bulb facing away from head. Turn on and snap egg closed. Find a dark corner or head outside at dusk with your glow bug!