Cool to Ghoul Halloween Makeup Tips


After you’ve figured out your Halloween costume, don’t forget to “spook” up your makeup! Parenting and beauty expert and blogger Erika Katz has come up with a few easy ways for you to help your teen or tween go from cool to ghoul with these DIY tips and tricks for Halloween makeup. The best part is: you can do this with products already in your makeup bag or your kitchen!

1.  Put a very light almost white foundation all over your face and eyelids.

2.  Brush purple shadow all over eyelid.

3.  Take black eyeliner and line the outer rim of your upper eyelid and the lower lid.   Liquid liner is best for a really dramatic look.

4.  Get some eyelash glue and long fake eyelashes with purple tips and affix to your upper lid.

5.   If you really want to get creepy, paint some black lines horizontally down from your eyes.

6.  Use a black eye pencil as lip liner and line your lips.  Fill in lips with the black pencil or a dark purple lipstick.

7.  For blood, mix a little red food color with water and paint it on your face with a brush.

8.  With black liner draw scars on your cheek.

View Erika’s vlog for a demonstration!

Erika is a mother of two and the author of Bonding over Beauty, A Mother-Daughter Beauty Guide to Foster Self-Esteem, Confidence and Trust. (