CMS to Stay in Full Remote Learning Until Feb. 12

Board of Education approves new plan in a 8-1 vote
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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools will stay in full remote learning until Feb. 12. This means pre-K, elementary, and K-8 students won’t return to classes until at least Feb. 15, and for middle and high students until at least Feb. 22. The Board of Education approved this new plan in a 8-1 vote on Thursday, and it will reconvene on Feb. 9 to determine if in-return instruction the following week is possible, depending on county and district recommendations. 

The shift was spurred by a Tuesday directive from Mecklenburg Public Health Director Gibbie Harris that recommended schools and business shift to or stay in virtual formats. “Our recommendation is that it doesn’t make sense to bring kids back to schools,” Harris said this week.

An emergency board meeting began at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday and moved into the afternoon. Students have been in all-virtual instruction since Dec. 14, and high school students haven’t been in-person at any point during this school year. Only middle-schoolers who attended K-8 schools had started in-person learning in December.