Charlotte Area Dad; Dave Nielsen

Name: Dave Nielsen

Job/Occupation: Banking

Where You Are From: Virginia Beach, VA

Where You Live Now: Charlotte

Family: Wife, Amy, and children, Kassie (11), Parker (8), and Julia (7)

Outside of your family, what is your passion, or what makes you tick?
I love coaching soccer because it’s so much fun to watch the kids grow and learn many of life’s lessons in one sport. They learn to be great friends, to compete, to work with others – they learn just about everything they need to know.

What’s your favorite team?
Liverpool Football Club, an English soccer team. I grew up in England and when I moved there I didn’t have any sports teams to like, so I picked the soccer team that was the best at the time, and that was Liverpool. Luckily, they’re still good!

What was your first thought when you held your brand new baby?
Oh my gosh, how beautiful she is! And I have no idea what I’m doing! Probably both of those thoughts at the same time.

What’s the best thing about being a dad?
There are so many good things about being a dad, its hard to name just one. Just watching my kids grow up and watching the person within them emerge (with a little guidance of course).