Cauliflower Crust Pizza


Pizza you can actually NOT feel guilty about eating that your whole family will love! I found this recipe online after crazing pizza, but wanted to still eat something healthy! It is AMAZING!
Cook Time: Bake 15-18 mins for thin crust, 20-25 mins for thicker, or until it is golden brown.?

1 cup “riced” cooked cauliflower (more about what that is in a minute)
1 large egg (the best eggs you can buy, they are nutrient powerhouses)?
1 cup grated cheese. Mozzarella (or whatever your favorite is)
Dried oregano, or Italian herbs
Any additional veggies you want to add.
Makes 1 medium pizza but you can double or triple this recipe, just extend the cooking time slightly and keep an eye on it.?
1. Heat your oven to 400 deg. Make “riced” cauliflower by shredding it with a coarse shredding blade in your food processor. Cook it until just tender – around 5-7 minutes in the microwave, but you can steam on the stovetop as well. Cauliflowers vary in wetness so if it is very wet after shredding squeeze some moisture out, if it is dry add a tablespoon of water before cooking. Measure the cauliflower after it is cooked.
2. Mix “riced” cauliflower with egg and cheese. (it doesn’t matter if the cauliflower is hot or cold)
3. Cover a pizza pan (or baking dish) with parchment paper and press the mixture into a pizza shape. You can make your crust thin or thick whichever is your preference, all that changes is the cooking time.
4. Sprinkle with oregano or herbs to taste.?
5. Bake 15-18 mins for thin crust, 20-25 mins for thicker, or until it is golden brown.?
6. Add toppings to taste. Make sure they are cooked, from this point on the pizza is broiled not baked so raw meat or veggies will not cook through. Try low-carb tomato sauce base. No need for more cheese since there is plenty in the base!
7. Pop it under the broiler until it is, again, golden brown.?
8. Wait 5 mins at least before eating. It does not have quite the same stability as a dough-based pizza when hot – it holds together better when cooled slightly. I make a thin crust that folds like a New York-style pie when hot and sits flat when cooler. It may take a few tries before you get it right, and you can always eat it with a knife and fork if your crust is too soft.

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