Meet a Pink Power Mom

Life and death. Like most young couples, Charlotte resident Mary Hamrick and her husband Chris sort of took this for granted. Life was something that you were granted until you got really old and then you died. That was so far off. Married less than a year, they were your typical 30-something newlyweds: busy being in love, working hard and thinking about starting a family. Cancer certainly did not fit into the plans . . . until one day, Mary found a lump.

Take a Time-Out for Love

Even if you can only spare a weekend away or a simple dinner-and-a-movie night out, a brief parental "time out" might be just the thing to clear your mind and revitalize your relationship, which is good for the entire family.

Family Dining: Encore Bistro & Bar

Encore is located in the Blakeney Shopping Center just two miles south of I-485 on Rea Road — perfect for those living in south Charlotte, but somewhat of a trek if you live closer to uptown.

Asking Saves Kids

Is there a gun in the home where your child visits? Find out about an awareness campaign that helps ask about gun safety in the home.

Considering Adoption? This Should Help

I have two biological children and three adopted children, one a private adoption from Iowa, one from Haiti and a child adopted out of foster care. When people hear that I’ve adopted, many interested persons have asked questions about adoption. Here are some of the questions I am frequently asked.

Moms Find Clothes Sew Easy

Finding the perfect outfit for your child can be a daunting task, but have you considered making your child’s clothing? An increasing number of women are turning away from the mall and heading for their sewing machines.

Alternative Parenting Styles

Before you roll your eyes at the term "alternative parenting," and assume it encompasses some new wave, holistic theory, consider the fact that concepts known to strengthen parenting skills have been around for years, some since the days of antiquity. These include theories on nurturing children, natural infant hygiene and extended breastfeeding.