Older Dads

While the majority of children are born to fathers ages 20-34, becoming a later-in-life dad is a distinct trend. Current research indicates that since 1980, birth rates have increased 40 percent for men 35-49.

How Dads Can Help Sons Achieve

When my sons were born, I didn’t get an official list of things that I, as a father, was expected to teach them. But fathers generally know the pattern of what information to convey: how to hit a ball with a bat, knot a tie, change a tire and so on. Today, all of us fathers need to teach our sons one more thing: the importance of getting a good education.

Rookie Dad: A Videotaped Life

On Friday nights when I was a kid, my brothers and I would charge down the basement stairs and come back up hauling a 30-pound slide projector, an unwieldy six-foot-tall movie screen, and five boxes of slides.