Spring Into Camp

Springtime is decision time for planning summer fun. No doubt about it, everyone is talking about camp, and the time has come to sign up.

Worried About Weight?

New guidelines issued in January by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, which makes medical-care recommendations based on the latest research, urge pediatricians to screen children 6 and older for obesity and to refer obese children to a comprehensive weight-management program

To Buy or Not to Buy

Is Summer Camp Insurance a Good Idea? It’s no secret that summer camps can be expensive. By the time you add travel costs to the already high cost of specialty sleep away camps, the total sticker price is enough to send parents into shock.

How the Internet Changed the Way We Choose Summer Camps

Traditional sleepaway camps may still offer kids the opportunity to experience a low-tech life that’s in tune with Mother Nature, but the explosive growth of the summer camp industry and the ever-expanding capabilities of the World Wide Web have changed, not just the definition of "summer camp," but also the ways we research the programs for our children.

Creative Care Packages

While your camper is busy camping and you are spending your days missing them or doing the "Happy Dance," show them that they are not too far away with these creative care package ideas. Choose one and call it done or do one a week for those who camp for weeks on end.

A New View of Homesickness

A new report urges parents and children's doctors to change their thinking about homesickness among children, to see it as a nearly universal but highly preventable and treatable phenomenon — rather than an unavoidable part of childhood.

5 Benefits to Family Camp

Parents across the country pick their children up from camp to hear them tell tales of new friends, singing songs around the campfire, and other unique programming, such as rock star lessons, swimming with manatees, rock climbing, and even trapeze lessons! Listening attentively, parents find themselves wishing they could have gone to camp too, and now, they can!

What's So Great About Camp?

Ah, camp — what images do you conjure when you remember summer camp when you were a child? Roasting s’mores over a campfire, rolling out your sleeping bag in a cozy cabin, splashing in a lake, making new friends and writing letters?

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