Button Frame Craft


You Will Need:
A picture
A piece of corrugated cardboard larger
than your picture.
A Pencil
A ruler
All-purpose craft glue
Construction Paper
Buttons or other decorating supplies

1.) Place your picture on the cardboard. Decide how much of a frame you’d like around it. Draw lines using the ruler as a guide. Cut out the cardboard frame. (Do not cut out the center area.)
2.) Trace the cardboard onto construction paper. Cut out the construction paper and glue it on the cardboard.
3.) Glue your picture in the center. Glue buttons all around it. Let the glue dry.
4.) For a stand, cut a strip of cardboard almost as tall as the frame. Fold it about one-third from the top, and glue the bent part to the center top area of the back of the frame.

Ideas taken for this craft from “The New Jumbo Book of Easy Crafts” Written by Judy Ann Saddler Illustrated by Caroline Price. Kids Can Press 2009.