Best Bets for Halloween and Fall Crafts

Keep little hands busy with these seasonal crafts that can help decorate your home.

Let your child to help you decorate for the new season and the trick-or-treaters to come. Make bats and mummies or collect leaves outside for a bit of fall flair.

Leaf Painting

This craft doesn’t require much — just a piece of paper, some tape, paint, paintbrushes and some leaves. Go for a neighborhood stroll with your little ones and encourage them to pick up their favorite leaves. When you get home, loop some tape to make it double-sided and tape the leaves in an arrangement on the paper.

Next just hand over the brushes and paint and allow your kids to blend colors — preferably yellows, reds and browns for a fall feel. Remove the taped leaves and allow the paper to dry. Want less of a mess? Try leaf rubbings instead.

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If in need of a Halloween craft, ask your child to make a mummy. Have some boxes from a recent porch delivery? Cut the cardboard box to form a gingerbread man shape and then allow your kid to take over. They can paint the cardboard black, add eyes (googly or drawn), and wrap white yarn or masking tape around the man. Tape them to windows and doors throughout the house for some spooky decoration.

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Toilet Paper Roll Bats

We all have used toilet paper rolls. Take those simply cardboard tubes to create a boo-tiful bat. Paint the toilet paper rolls. While they dry, cut bat wings from black construction paper. Use pipe cleaners to make legs. Piece it all together and hang them around the house for a flying effect. For a simpler bat craft, try making these figures out of black construction paper. 

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Cotton Ball Ghosts

Aah the cotton ball! Again, somethine most all have in their house and so very useful for many things. To make these Cotton Ball Ghosts, draw and cut out a ghost shape on construction paper and then get your child to paste cotton balls all over. Next, cut friendly ghost smiles from black paper and glue onto the cotton ball ghosts. Hang the ghosts with yard attached to the back. Dangle them from your front porch to greet trick-or-treaters.

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Bird Feeders

Let’s not forget the fall classic – bird feeders made with pinecones, peanut butter and birdseed. Attach yarn and hang them around your yard or encourage your child to get creative and make their own type of bird feeder. The possibilities are endless — use old milk cartons, paper bowls, or toilet paper rolls.

Paper Plate Pumpkins

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a jack-o-lantern. Pumpkin carving with its big knives is often left to the parents. Let your little ones get the thrill of designing their own jack-o-lantern by using paper plates and construction paper. This craft is a classic for Halloween and always a big, easy hit. If you have an extra real pumpkin around, let your kids cut their own designs and simply paste them on the pumpkin instead of carving them.

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Leaf People

Encourage outdoor exploration by letting your child collect leaves of all shapes and colors. When you’ve returned home, hand over paper, glue and markers and see what figures your child can create. Attach googly eyes to make this craft even more entertaining.

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Handprint Spiders or Footprint Ghosts

Paint and construction paper make for easy (and a bit messy) crafts. Use black paper and white paint to help your child make ghosts with their feet (taking “trick-or-treat, smell my feet” to a new level). For an easier clean up, try black paint and handprints to make spiders. For the easiest clean-up of all, don’t use paint – simply trace your child’s hand and help them cut the construction paper.

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If you're low on craft supplies, let your kids' imagination run wild and see if they can think of their own ways to recreate any of these crafts with your household items.