Back-to-School Worries Already?

Sage Graduation

Summer for me means hot days, hot dogs and hopefully, hot deals. Hot deals? Well, that’s what we’re aiming for. You see, in between trips to the park, pool and playground, we’ve been searching for new shoes, slacks and shirts. Sage is getting ready to enter kindergarten. She will be going to a different kindergarten than most of her current classmates, so a good first impression is extremely important.

We are not waiting until the last moment. We are on the lookout for outstanding outfits, fabulous footwear, proper pants, stylish shirts and snazzy shoes. We are also focused on picking up pens, pencils, paper and scissors, along with a backpack and lunchbox.

I can’t believe Sage is preparing for kindergarten. This has been on my mind for a couple months. A few weeks ago, Sage had her preschool graduation ceremony.  I originally felt this ceremony would be a total waste of time. After all, the kids hadn’t even started school. As it turned out, the ceremony was sensational.

Sage and her 30 fellow classmates sang, recited and marched across a makeshift stage in caps and gowns to pick up their sheepskin. She even won the “Thinker Award” for being the best problem-solver in her class. Her mother and I were incredibly proud. It was very special. Now as I reflect, I think the real reason I was against the ceremony is because it represents another milestone in my daughter’s development. She is getting ready to enter school, and I don’t know if I’m ready to let her go (not that I have much choice).

It seems it was only yesterday she was playing basic children’s games. Now she’s reading at a high level, she knows basic math and geography, and she’s curious about the world we live in. As the graduation ceremony made abundantly clear, it is time for her to move onward and upward.

So here we are shopping for the essentials. But don’t think I am letting summer just flash by. For now, the Snyders are hitting the pool and doing some barbecuing. After all, summer only comes once a year.