A Meteorite Barely Missed A Skydiver

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The internet can be a place of infinite wonder.

Take, for instance, this. I’ve never thought It would be a good thing if I could see a video of a meteorite barely missing a skydiver as said skydiver falls through the air over Norway.

Now, I’ve never thought of that mostly because the idea itself is absurd. The odds of that are like. . . I don’t know . . . winning the Powerball Lottery twice in a row or something.

Astronomical* odds, against.

And yet. . . 

And yet. . . 

Just such a thing did occur. A skydiver was falling out of the sky, filming everything with a GoPro-type of camera and had just opened the parachute. Looking back over the video, slowing it down, there is — clear as the blue sky through which it falls — a rather large rock racing through the sky, falling past the skydiver and disappearing down toward Earth.

It’s just an amazing thing that I thought I would share with you guys. 

I tried to embed the video, but it’s just not working. Instead, I’m giving you the link to the youtube.com video.

Let me know what you think. I, for one, was fascinated to watch this video.

Because, you see, I’m sure this sort of thing has happened before. Men and women have interacted with the infinite numerous times, but had no proof because we didn’t have cameras with us at all times like we do now.

Just think about all the things we’re going to be discovering thanks to the ability to replay, slow down and rexamine the scenes that pass before our eyes. The little guys and gals we’re staying home with are going to be living in a vastly different reality than we did, that’s for sure.

I can’t wait.