6 Tips for Decorating Shared Bedrooms

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When I was a baby I shared a bedroom with my older sister. That came to an abrupt halt when she and some friends thought it would be funny to teach me curse words when I started to learn to talk. My parents added an extra bedroom to the house faster than you could say George Carlin. In spite of this, I still believe room sharing is a good idea.

We live in such an isolated society. We retire to our seperate bedrooms with our own TVs, or we sit in a room full of people, fixated on our smart phones, perhaps even with our ear buds in.  If more kids had to share bedrooms it would help with the re-socialization, interpersonal skills would improve, and overall personal life satisfaction would increase. It starts with baby steps, and children cohabitating could be the first one. If you’d like to give it a try, here are 6 Tips for Decorating Shared Bedrooms:

  1. Get both children involved in the decorating decisions. Let them choose colors, design styles, and patterns.
  2. Utilize “color-blocking,” where each child’s walls are painted a different color, that way each child gets to incorporate their own favorite selection into the room.
  3. To unify the area, use the other child’s color as an accent color on his or her sibling’s side and vice versa.
  4. Personalize each side of the room with the child’s name, either on a plaque or painted directly on the wall.
  5. Loft beds are most functional, since each child gets a top bunk, and beneath can be used as a living area for a dresser, desk, chair, or whatever features would be most important to the child.
  6. The space can be divided very easily with metal tracks (like those used in hospitals and doctors offices) installed in the ceiling with curtains hanging down. The curtains can be drawn closed when the children want their private time or kept open when feeling more social. 

Do you have fond memories of sharing a bedroom or suggestions for how you make it work with your own kids? Please share them with us and the other readers. We’d love to hear from you!

Barbara Green believes you can have it all: kids, pets and a beautiful home. She is the owner of Sensibly Chic Designs for Life and the host of Ask the Design Diva radio show, and insists you don’t have to spend a million dollars to look like you did.