5 Fabulous Frame Ideas

Frame With Chicken Wire

Living with kids can be expensive, so it is always helpful to find ways to save. One way is to shop second hand stores like the Habitat for Humanity Restore which allows you to turn someone else’s trash into your treasure. One of my favorite things to scour the aisles for are old picture frames. Once you find them, here are 5 fun and useful ways to use them:

1. Memo holder – Simply staple chicken wire (available at the hardware or local farm store) inside and use small clips to attach your memos.

frame with wire and clips

2. Picture display – Screw eye hooks into the inside edge of the frame and thread wire through the eyes and twist to tighten. Use small clips to hang photos.

frame for earrings

3. Earring storage – For my project I bought both the frame and an old window screen at the ReStore for $1 each, tore the screen from its metal frame and reused it, but you can buy brand new screening at the hardware store. Staple the screen inside the frame and hang your earrings from it.

frame tray

4. Frame tray – Insert a piece of decorative paper (I use wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper) and then add handles to the top of the frame. If the backing isn’t sturdy, you can have a piece of thin plywood cut to fit the back of the frame for added support. 

frame wreath

5. Frame wreath – Try a unique look for a wreath by using a picture frame. Paint it to go with your theme, and affix flowers or ornaments and you have a uniqu arrangement for your front door.

What else have you made from frames? We’d love for you to share your ideas in the comments section below!

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