4 Halloween-Exclusive Treats Across Charlotte

Doughnuts, cookies, and more

IT MAY BE RAINY today, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some Halloween treats. Here are a few spooky exclusives available across the city, from desserts to brews:

Pepperbox Doughnuts
South End
Some of us like our doughnuts a little “extra.” Pepperbox’s Halloween day exclusives include Matcha Lemon Frankenstein, Vanilla Bean Ghost, Boo-Berry Blueberry White Chocolate (shown above), and Boneyard Cookies ‘n Cream. 

Suárez Bakery
Park Road Shopping Center
Suárez always goes big for holidays. On Halloween, just wearing a costume will get you a free sugar cookie shaped and colored like a pumpkin. That will hold you over as you scan their racks for all sorts of ornate creations. Get a preview of the cookies here.

Golden Cow Creamery
SouthPark and South End
Golden Cow is known for its unexpected ice cream creations, like its series of beer infused-goodness.  Charcoal Honeycomb and Dirt and Worms. Charcoal Honeycomb and Dirt and Worms are the flavors to grab in their shops today. 

For its first “Antagonist Halloween Party,” Protagonist promises themed beer cocktails and music. Also, the best costume will nab you a $50 gift card. See more Halloween parties here.