4 Children’s Books to Read on Valentine’s Day

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by sharing a book about the holiday with a little one in your life.

Looking for children’s picture books about Valentine’s Day to read with your sweet little one this February? Look no further! Whether kisses make them cringe or cuddle in, one of these books should make their day. These books and more are available at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.

"​Porcupining: A Prickly Love Story" by Lisa Wheeler, illustrated by Janie Bynum. Cushion the Porcupine has a problem: he lives in a petting zoo but is so prickly that no one will pet him. Lonely and (porcu)pining for a wife, he wanders the zoo and serenades the other animals with his banjo, one by one, but there are no takers. He’s just about given up… until he meets Barb the Hedgehog. This one packs pun after delightful pun, and be prepared to sing and be silly if you’re reading it aloud. Ages 3-7.

"A Crankenstein Valentine" by Samantha Berger, illustrated by Dan Santat. “Roses are red. Violets are blue. Valentine’s Day stinks. Seriously. P.U.” That’s what Crankenstein writes on his valentines. He says “Yechhhh!” to everything related to the stupid holiday—from being forced to wear heart underwear to bringing flowers for his teachers to making mushy, gushy pink garlands. At least, not until he meets another Crankenstein who feels the same way. Caldecott winner Dan Santat’s illustrations are hilarious, expressive, slightly gross, and absolutely delightful. Ages 3-7.

"Never Too Little to Love" by Jeanne Willis and Jan Fearnley. Tiny Too-Little is a mouse who lives all the way down on the ground and is love with Topsy Too-Tall the giraffe, who lives aaaall the way up there. Tiny tries everything he can to reach her to give her a kiss—including standing tiptoes on stilts on a cupcake on a clock on a candle on a cabbage, and so on. He piles object on object in this adorable flap and pop-up book, and when he inevitably crashes, Topsy leans down and gives him the kiss he wanted. The message (that no one is too little to love) is precious and beautifully told. Ages 3-5.

"The Secret" by Lindsay Barrett George. When Mr. Snail asked the mouse if he could keep a secret, mouse said yes, but the mouse squeaks the secret to the beetle who tells it to the turtle who grumbles it to the fish, and the animals slowly pass the secret through the entire garden until finally the spider whispers the secret to Miss Snail. “Mr. Snail,” she says in response, “I love you, too.” Gorgeously illustrated in photographed 3-D collage work, this sweet and simple tale is a wonderful introduction to telling someone you love them. Ages 2-5.


Becca Worthington is the Children's Librarian for Spangler Library at ImaginOn in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library system.