3 Things to Know: N.C.’s First 4DX Theater at Charlotte’s Regal Stonecrest

This is a bit different than your standard theater experience
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THEY WARNED US the chairs would move, but the crowd wasn’t quite prepared for the seismic swaying inside Regal Stonecrest at Piper Glen Stadium’s new 4DX theater, the first in North Carolina. At a recent morning preview of the technology, we got to experience the 4DX experience through the new comic book film Captain Marvel. And it involved much more than just moving chairs. Here are four things to know:


1. 4DX is a multi-sensory experience, with seat vibrations and movement synced with the film, simulated wind, fog, lighting, and rain, and even scents. It’s a bit intense, so you may want to pause before bringing children that are easily rattled. However, with the recent LEGO film getting the 4DX treatment, there are plenty of kids who’ve enjoyed films in these theaters. Like live theatre, outside of any stated ratings from studios, it’s a kid-to-kid call on whether it’s appropriate.

2. There is a distinct difference in ticket price. $23.57 is the cost for an adult ticket to a 4DX film with 3D, like Captain Marvel. $20.35 each is the cost for a kids. The price is a little lower for a 2D film in 4DX. Depending on your family’s penchant for thrill-seeking, that may or may not be an insurmountable hike.

3. It’s a tailored experience. CJ 4DPLEX, the South Korean group that developed the tech, works directly with studios to create their corresponding 4DX experience. This means that if characters on the screen are flying in the air, you’re going to feel the wind in your hair. If your hero is impacted from the back, you’ll likely feel that too. And for some films, if bubbles are on the screen, 4DX can do that, too.