3 Products You Should Have at the Pool This Summer

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1. Kick Trainer
The SwimWays Kick Trainer is a full-size swim-training tool with a sleek hydronamic nose and a textured molded surface that is soft on skin. Great for gliding and racing through the water! $8.99, swimways.com

2. Kiddie Poncho
When the chilly breezes blow after baby gets out of the water, slip her into this cozy Towelling Poncho from Mini Boden. It comes in several summery patterns, including this one, which is just right for the Fourth of July. $25.50, bodenusa.com.

3. Trucks that Swim
With wheels that act as paddles, the Hydrover Amphibious Toy Truck is the next best thing to driving on water Take it to the park for some land action too. $16.98, hearthsong.com.