3 Picture Books That Spark Curiosity in Young Readers

Children, by nature, are curious, imaginative, and creative beings, ready to explore their world.  The following picture books are sure to inspire wonder in young readers.

1. Touch the Brightest Star by Christie Matheson

From the author of Tap the Magic Tree comes a new interactive bedtime story for preschoolers.  Children are prompted to follow simple instructions, and then turn the page to see the results.  For example, readers are asked to “gently press the firefly,” then find on the next page that by pressing the firefly, they have caused it to light up in the following illustration.  Prompts like “swipe the sky from left to right,” causing a shooting star to appear on the next page, will delight your tech savvy little one.  

2. Beyond the Pond by Joseph Kuefler

Little Ernest D. stands at the edge of a pond, bored, just behind his perfectly ordinary house.  Today, he decides to find out how deep the pond is, and it turns out that the pond has no bottom!  With this discovery, Ernest D. collects his explorer supplies and sets off to discover the hidden depths of the pond.  His dive takes him through the pond, to the other side, where he encounters an unimaginable world.  This new land is full of strange and unusual creatures, and seeing it opens a door to his imagination.  When Ernest D. returns home, the wonder of what he has seen sticks with him, and he realizes just how exceptional his ordinary world is.  Preschoolers will love these whimsical illustrations, and will delight in the message that the world is full of unexplored places just waiting to be found.

3. The World in a Second by Isabel Minhos Martins, illustrated by Bernado P. Carvalho

What happens in one second?  That is the question this thought-provoking book strives to answer.  From a boat caught in a storm on the Baltic Sea, to an old woman closing her eyes to go to sleep, this book captures both the extraordinary and mundane things that are happening in our world each second.  This is a great book for early elementary readers who are beginning to understand just how vast their wide world is.