3 Kid-Friendly Public Works of Art in Charlotte

Whether a fan of acclaimed mural artist Banksy or simply curious about the large, mirrored sculpture in uptown, there are a lot of public murals and sculptures to find in Charlotte's center city. Take a tour and introduce yourself and the family to some very cool, kid-friendly public works of art for free.

1. The Firebird

Where: The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, 420 S. Tryon St.

What it is: Unveiled in 2009, The Firebird is a 17-foot whimsical sculpture covered from top to bottom in pieces of mirrored and colored glass. Created in 1991 by Niki de Saint Phalle, the shimmering uptown icon outside the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art reflects the growth and creativity of Charlotte.

Kid connection: Kids can gaze at themselves in this playful sculpture made of mirrored tiles. It's also a great example of small pieces can be connected to create a very large piece of art.

the-writer-s-desk-(hires)-(8).png2. The Writer's Desk

Where: ImaginOn, 300 E. 7th St.

What it is: Life-size typewriter keys, a pencil and pen quill and stacked books sculptures honor Rolfe Neill, longtime publisher at The Charlotte Observer.

Kid connection: No child can resist skipping from one typewriter key to the other or looking for letters in his name.ᅠ



crva_guide_030.jpg3. Fish Fountain

Where: The Green, 425 S. Tryon St.

What it is: Three 9-foot-tall fish statues spout water onto a concrete plaza that has aquatic quotes by James Joyce and Adam Lindsay Gordon; wave benches encircle it. Walk around this uptown pocket park to see more sculptures that pay homage to some of the great works of literature.ᅠ

Kid connection: On a hot day, children can splash under the cool spouts of water from the Fish Fountain, as well as run around and climb on the other sculptures in the park. Point out the literary quotes and talk about how words also can be art.


Public Art Scavenger Hunt
The Art and Science Council offers a Public Art Walking Tour of uptown Charlotte's Cultural Mile. Choose to explore with a podcast or brochure, but for real fun with the family, do the scavenger hunt. Learn more and download the scavenger hunt form at http://artsandscience.org/public-art-program/public-art-walking-tour.