12 Ways to Protect your Kids from Allergies at Home

Kids Bedroom Ideas

According to the Center for Disease control, allergies among children are climbing. Food allergies are up 5%, skin allergies are up 7%, while respiratory allergies are up a whopping 17%. Modern manufacturing is rife with chemicals which are contributing to this increase. The simple solution for  reducing allergens is to keep a clean and clutter free home. Here are 12 more specific things you can do to protect your kids and improve their health:

  1. Paint using No-VOC paints. VOCs are volatile organic compounds and have been shown to cause respiratory problems. 
  2. Remove wall to wall carpeting. Solid surface floors such as hardwoods, tile, stone, and vinyl allow for easy cleanup and removal of dust and dirt which can exacerbate allergies. Small area rugs can be added for warmth, but make sure they are low pile and vacuumed frequesntly with a HEPA-filter vacuum. 
  3. Dust frequently with a damp rag. Using a dry duster only puts the allergens back in the air.
  4. Do not allow any smoking in your home. Some studies name second hand smoke as a cause of asthma in preschool aged children.
  5. Be vigilant about mold. If any leaks or flooding have occured in your home be sure to remove all items that were unable to be cleaned and dried immediately.
  6. Maintain the humidity in your home at 50% or less. Use a hygrometer ($30 at the local hardware store) to track your home's humidity level.
  7. Replace air filters on your heating and air conditioning unit every month.
  8. Avoid using candles and air fresheners. They may smell good, but they can irritate airways and make allergies and asthma worse.
  9. Keep accessories and tsochkes to a minimum. They collect dust and add to the work of keeping your house clean and allergy free.
  10. Have your child select one or two stuffed animals to love on rather than an entire menagerie. Wash and dry thoroughly each week.
  11. Wash bedding weekly and vacuum the mattresses. Using duvet covers makes it easier to toss the bedding in the washer and dryer than using a comforter. 
  12. Use solid window treatments like blinds or shutters and wipe down regularly with a damp cloth. 

So there are the top 12 ways to protect your kids from allergens in the home. Do you have any other tips you'd like to share with our readers? Please list them in the comments section below.