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Written by:  Laurie Wragg
Date: January 22, 2013

Yacht Club Park Playground
18625 Harbor Light Blvd., Cornelius
Lake Norman area

Yacht Club Park Playground is known to locals as the “pirate ship park.” It’s a fun place for kids to be active and use their imagination.

There is a play structure in the shape of a pirate ship, and kids can practice their climbing skills on a rope ladder and rock wall. It also has a metal climbing structure, one tunnel slide and one toddler slide.

Next to the play structure, kids can work on their balancing skills and “walk the plank.” The park also features two baby swings and two regular swings, and there are a few benches and picnic tables. This is a great 30-minute park outing, and the location is gorgeous, being right by the Peninsula Yacht Club in Cornelius. It is, however, right in the sun, which can make it super-hot in the summer.

I would recommend this park for the age 7 and under crowd.

Laurie Wragg, teacher, wife and mom of two under age 4, blogs about fun playtime activities and places at

The Scoop:
Bathrooms: No
Baby Swings: Yes
Shade: No
Parking: Yes
Stroller Friendly: Yes
Picnic Shelter: No

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