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Written by:  CP
Date: January 5, 2011

Congratulations to all Young Authors! More than 575 creative writers from kindergarten through 8th grade entertained our judges with stories about everything from pigs and pirates to socks and secret agents. The stories took us on journeys to foreign countries and fantasy lands and the art amazed and inspired us. A panel of 25 community judges reviewed the entries to narrow the field and select the winners in each category.


Celebrate with us at our Young Authors Reception on Sunday, January 9. All participants, parents and teachers are invited to join us for the awards reception followed by refreshments and a chance to meet other young authors, as well as pick up all Young Authors certificates and books.


Grand Prize Winner

Have you Ever Seen a Full Moon RisingBlank




"Have You Ever Seen a Full Moon Rising"

Alayna Gray

Croft Community School – 4th Grade






First Place Winners




"Angel Magic" by Jenna Malone

Charlotte Country Day - 1st Grade


"Garden of Hope" by Amelia Wyatt

Woodlawn School – 3rd Grade


"The Tiniest Owl" by Anna Mesibov

Trinity Episcopal School – 5th Grade


"My Missing Blue Socks" by William Brandon

York Preparatory Academy – 8th Grade






Second Place Winners




"The Wet Fishing Pole" by Nicole Matheny

Rea View Elementary – 1st Grade


"Charlie's Journey" by Faith Phillips

Mountain Island Charter School – 3rd Grade


"Pig –n– friends" by Callie Bernard

Charlotte Country Day – 5th Grade


"The Beauty Within" by Amanda Emery

Community School of Davidson – 8th Grade






Third Place Winners




"Fall Colors" by Samy Kolby

Elizabeth Lane Elementary - 1st Grade


"Molly's Adventure on a Wheelchair" by Christine Mendoza

Endhaven Elementary School – 2nd Grade


"Purple is for Brave" by Connor Fewin

Charlotte Country Day – 5th Grade


"The Kibble Café" by Taylor Buck

Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School – 6th Grade






Art Winners




"Secret Agent Dog" by Kate McCracken

Elizabeth Lane Elementary - 1st Grade


"Mosaic" by Naomi Ovrutsky

McKee Road Elementary - 3rd Grade

"The Adventures of Two Crabs" by Kennedy Earle

Bain Elementary School – 4th Grade


"Fun in the Sun" by Kirby Hutcheson

Countryside Montessori School – 8th Grade





Collaboration Winner

The Girl Who Likes to TwirlBlank



"The Girl that Liked to Twirl"

written by:  Katie James and

illustrated by:  Suzanna Haydt

Mooresville Middle School - 8th Grade







Spanish Winner

A Monster ProblemBlank




"A Monster Problem"

Johanna Bloomquist

Countryside Montessori – 8th Grade








Editor's Pick

Fun Ways for Children to Get ExerciseBlank




"Fun Ways for Children to Get Exercise"

Tamaya Bush

Victory Christian Center – 4th Grade



Readers' Choice Cover Art

"The Big Switch"

Stephanie Suster

4th Grade


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