Why Art & Music Programs Matter

Research shows that arts programming boosts overall tests scores and grades.


hile many youth music and art programs have been stripped from schools because of budget constraints, nurturing your child’s creativity has undeniable benefits in addition to promoting a better understanding of the world and its culture. By introducing your child to the arts, you not only create lasting memories, but you are giving your child a foundation and skill set that will last a lifetime.

Photo Courtesy of Community School of the Arts.

5 Developmental Benefits of Art & Music Programs 

1. Increased self-confidence: As children explore new skills through music or art lessons, there’s often a boost in self-esteem. Through practice and mastery, your child will develop a sense of pride and will experience an improved self-image.

2. An innovative mindset: Children are most imaginative before reaching the tween/teen years, and creativity is an important foundation for critical thinking and inquisitiveness. By providing an environment that enhances this natural curiosity, parents give their children an innovative mindset.

3. A collaborative spirit: Through arts classes, students are often given the opportunity to work with a diverse team, which fosters communication skills and collaboration.

"It's a special thing to see children walk into the art studio for the first time as strangers, and then spend weeks on a project they co-create and design. They come together to create pretty amazing pieces of art, develop comradery and learn how to work together," says Jason Watson, Visual Art Manager at the Community School of the Arts. 

4. Improved academic performance: Research shows that arts programming boosts overall tests scores and grades, including grades in non-arts-based subjects such as science and math.

5. Improved language development: Young children who are exposed to music education are better equipped for language.

"I've witnessed firsthand how many young children can expand their vocabulary and become school ready, in large part because of the music experiences and education they've received," says Aram Kim Bryan, Vice President of Artistic Engagement and Programs at Community School of the Arts. 

Photo Courtesy of Community School of the Arts.


Where to Find Art & Music Programs in Charlotte:

The Community School of the Arts envisions a future in which Charlotte leads the nation in making outstanding arts instruction available to all children. Through a variety of art and music classes, workshops, and camps in locations across Charlotte, children can celebrate creativity and exploration through arts education. Financial aid and scholarship options are available.



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