5 Water Safety Tips to Consider Before Summer

Swim lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by as much as 88 percent.


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For some, pool season may have already started. It’s hard to think about summer without also thinking about the smell of sunscreen, the joy of purchasing a new pool noodle, or the sound of splashing water. But with drowning being the second leading cause of accidental death in children ages one to 14 years old, it’s imperative to educate yourself and your family about water safety. Below are five water safety tips to keep in mind as summer begins.

1. Children Need Formal Swim Lessons. Studies show that swim lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by as much as 88 percent. Babies live in water in utero for nine months—it’s a natural environment for them. You can sign up for classes with infants as young as six months old to help your child get accustomed to the water, learn valuable safety tips, and the foundations of swimming.

2. Actively Supervise Children Around Water. This includes bathtubs, pools, and hot tubs. Do not walk away, even for a second, or get distracted by your phone or another activity. Designate a “water watcher” whose sole responsibility is to monitor children in or near water. Keep children who cannot swim within arm’s length distance at all times.

3. Keep Rescue Equipment Near the Pool. Have an emergency kit, rescue tubes, and/or throw ropes on hand should the need arise, as well as a telephone and emergency phone numbers. It’s also good to learn infant and child CPR.

4. Install Barriers Where Necessary. Enclose any pools with a barrier at least five feet high and have self-latching, closing gates. Consider a pool alarm and a pool safety cover for an added layer of protection.

5. Teach Children to Never Swim Alone. Children should be educated on the rules of water safety. They should know to never swim alone, and only in designated and supervised swimming areas. 

Charlotte Aquatics can help teach children the basics of water safety and help get them comfortable in the water from a young age. Visit CharlotteAquatics.com to learn more about swim lessons and their facility.

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Through songs, structured activities, and games, our instructors teach parents how to work with and support their child in preparation for an independent class when they are older. #charlottenc #clt #swimlessons #southcharlotte

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